Wild Tee Herren

Größentabelle - Herren (Wild Tee)

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Roger B Tech Singlet



“Everyone thought it was physically impossible for a man. But at that time I was studying neurology, and I knew that the brain is the only organ that matters when pushing beyond the limits”.
6th May 1954: Roger Bannister was about to make the history of running. He was the first man to run a mile – the perfect distance between endurance and strength – under 4 minutes. A record that stood for ages and was one of sport’s ultimate goals.
“Don’t worry, it’s just pain”, said his coach.
Bannister knew that the limit was only in people’s brains. Sporting his tank top on that running morning of 6th May, he ran the fastest 3 minutes and 59 seconds in history.
Wild Tee decided to pay respect to Bannister’s memory with a Tank top similar to the one he wore on the very day he broke the record.
Our Bannister’s top was actually tested on track by Davide Grazielli, during the victory lap at the end of the Western State, the most important 100 Miles race in the world, after 19 hours and 53 minutes of race.

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